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Droit sponsors AFME European Capital Markets Technology and Innovation Virtual Series

Droit founder Brock Arnason joins expert panel discussion

Exploring shifting industry priorities and emerging regulatory requirements Droit Adept calls time on fragmented interpretation of global regulations


12th November 2020, New York and London – Droit, the enterprise technology firm at the forefront of computational law and creators of the Adept platform, is pleased to be sponsoring the forthcoming AFME European Capital Markets Technology and Innovation Virtual Series, starting on Monday 16th November 2020. The primary focus of the conference is to explore the impact of COVID19 on the financial markets and to debate the challenges of being able to successfully harness technology transformation at scale over the next decade.


On Monday 16th November at 1305 GMT, Brock Arnason Founder of Droit will be joining an executive panel alongside; Cecile Bartenieff of Société General, Philip Saunders from Goldman Sachs and Dr. Lewis Liu, Eigen Technologies. Amongst other related discussion topics, Brock will be sharing his unique insights on shifting industry and technology priorities and discussing the profound implications of new and emerging regulatory requirements on the global financial services arena.


Brock commented, “COVID19 aside, the finance industry has reached a critical inflexion point. To survive and prosper in the new market economy, it is essential to codify one’s understanding of the rules of exchange. Complex decision making must become a simple, intelligent, repeatable and fully automated process. Only through standardisation and transparency can you mitigate operational risk and minimise the cost of technological change. The Droit Adept platform has been engineered to support consensus-driven regulatory decision-making, obviating the need for front office personnel to individually digest, interpret and enforce the law.”


Adept digitises all texts, including legal, regulatory, and internal policy, using the OASIS-standard Akoma-Ntoso (AKN) format, and implements domain-specific structured data models to represent the decision logic implied by those texts. The system achieves flexibility and high performance through the use of sophisticated compilers and evaluation engines, with unparalleled transparency to visual representations of the logic. Logical models and digitised texts are maintained by Droit and provided to clients as structured data, ensuring each client is kept current with an evolving industry consensus view of regulation.


Brock concluded. “Adept is proven to have successfully applied the real-time application of regulations to mission-critical interactions between complex entities at scale. It evaluates thousands of automated trading decisions per second, providing a complete, traceable and versioned audit record. This enables our clients to trade with confidence, safe in the knowledge that accurate legal interpretation is being enacted at the point of transaction and throughout the entire process. The platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing trading and operational systems, complete with the relevant regulations and internal policy controls tailored to suit specific business needs both now and in the future. We are excited to be part of this fascinating debate, sharing game-changing ideas and forging new relationships with like-minded industry participants.”


To view full agenda and listen to the panel debate, register here or click on the image.