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Droit and FINBOURNE Partner to Deliver End-to-End Position Reporting Solution

Droit, a technology firm at the forefront of computational law and regulation, will partner with FINBOURNE Technology, a provider of cloud-based investment data management software, to launch a full-stack, end-to-end position reporting solution for increased regulatory transparency.


Over one hundred global jurisdictions have position reporting obligations, requiring market
participants to report equity and equity derivatives holdings to regulatory bodies; a process that
is complex, time consuming and costly.


Droit and FINBOURNE come together to deliver a joint, full-stack solution to enable sell-side and buy-side institutions to manage disclosure obligations for long, short and takeover panel reporting. This new offering leverages FINBOURNE’s financial data management platform LUSID, embedded with Droit’s Position Reporting product which delivers clear determination of reporting obligations based on consensus interpretations of requirements from Endoxa, a consortium of six global financial institutions.


The unified approach ensures consistency around complex regulatory interpretations, regulatory clarity and accuracy of reporting. As part of the joint solution, Droit translates and processes detailed guidelines from all major global jurisdictions, automating the decision-making process for shareholder disclosure reporting eligibility. For complete accountability, a traceable audit record is generated for each evaluated position.


With FINBOURNE’s advanced data transformation capabilities, the new end-to-end solution seamlessly maps the multiple data inputs needed to evaluate rules. Moreover, it simplifies workflow interactions via an intuitive interface, effectively mitigating operational, cost, and complexity challenges.


“Integrating Droit into LUSID means that together we are able to deliver a complete solution for position reporting. This partnership enhances our ability to safeguard asset managers by making sense of shareholder disclosure data when it comes to complex trading books and provide a level of granular reporting detail that is unmatched in the industry.” added Thomas McHugh, CEO and Co-founder, FINBOURNE Technology.


“By partnering with FINBOURNE, we are able to leverage consensus interpretation and industry best practice for position reporting for all market participants. The asset management industry can directly benefit from the experience of their sell-side counterparties.” said Brock Arnason, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Droit. “FINBOURNE’s platform, built specifically to support the volume and complexity of data that characterizes position reporting, integrated with our consensus-driven eligibility rules, offers firms unrivaled traceability, transparency, and auditability.”


To learn more about our partnership, click here to download our product sheet.



About FINBOURNE Technology
FINBOURNE combines extensive technical expertise in financial services data management
with a best-in-class, open, cloud–based investment management and servicing product
ecosystem. By deploying our solutions, our clients can better aggregate, manage and utilise
data across their organisations.


With operations across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, FINBOURNE’s data
management solutions help financial services firms improve their investment management and
servicing capabilities.


FINBOURNE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, including Fidelity
International, London Stock Exchange Group, Baillie Gifford and Northern Trust.
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