Droit Adept
The Operating System for Regulation.

Regulation digitized. Intelligence automated.
Do the right trade

The complexity of the regulatory universe meets the ease of a GPS system. Through constantly evolving intelligent automation—rooted in machine-readable regulatory text, and machine-executable implementation—Droit is your partner in simplifying all trade decisions.

Comply beyond compliance

Making the right trade, from moment to moment, is everything. But, faced with intricate regulations and restrictions, being able to track why you made a trade can mean even more. Droit Adept rigorously maps, and fully visualizes, decision paths on every inquiry all the way to clearly annotated, digitized regulatory texts.

Operate without disruption

Droit Adept is built for seamless integration, enriching your trading and operational systems with the relevant regulations that govern your complex landscape. As you advance, Droit Adept easily adjusts to your new compliance needs.

Droit clients include many large, complex, global financial organisations,
both buy and sell side.