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WatersTechnology: Bank-led Consortium Takes Aim at Position Reporting

Interpreting regulatory requirements is often challenging. Even for regulations that are similar in nature—say, rules for position reporting disclosures—more than 100 jurisdictions have different ways of presenting their requirements. And often, how they’re interpreted is left to the complying institution. 

This presents a risk to those institutions, says Pete Chisholm, head of regulatory management and entity solutions at Goldman Sachs. He says regulators’ function is to regulate the markets…

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Droit is a technology firm at the forefront of computational law and regulation within finance and other domains. Founded in 2012, Droit counts many of the largest financial institutions as its clients. Its award-winning, patented platform Adept provides an implementation of regulatory rules reflecting industry consensus. The Adept platform processes tens of millions of inquiries a day, deciding in real-time which interactions are legally permissible across the globe. Adept is used by institutions to evaluate, with sub-millisecond latency, the full regulatory implications of any given interaction within their transactional infrastructure.


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