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EMIR Refit is the tip of the Iceberg

Since August 2012, as part of the aftermath of the global financial crisis, market participants in the European Economic Area have been required to comply

Risk Markets Technology Awards 2023 – Regulatory Reporting Product of the Year

Droit’s Transaction Reporting product, built using its patented Adept platform, provides financial institutions with powerful tools for critical trade and transaction reporting flow. Its efficient infrastructure enables clients to make quick and accurate decisions to facilitate real-time compliance with global transaction reporting obligations.

EMIR Refit – 2023 and counting down

After many delays (and a global pandemic), technical standards for the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation were published in December 2022. This started the clock for

A Closer Look at Trading Controls

It’s becoming quite obvious that regulators have increased expectations on trading controls, and with a number of high profile regulatory statements such as PRA SS5/21, this